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Partnerships are often opted by start-ups when an association of people decides to come together to own, manage and control a business for profit. Partnership firms are comparatively easy to incorporate which is a predominant choice amongst small and medium sized firms in the unorganized sectors. However, the introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships in India, Partnership firms are losing out on their popularity.


There are essentially 2 types of Partnership firms:-

  • Registered and Partnership firm.
  • Un-registered Partnership firm.

It is not really compulsory but a smart choice to register a Partnership firm to reap the benefits from the added advantages.


Partnership Process

Step 1 Partnership Start up:- 

With us you can start up a Partnership in 5 to 7 days.

Step 2 Partnership Deed Drafting:-

We understand your business, Partners, Partnership structure and other relevant details to draft a Partnership Deed that is acceptable to all Partners and get the draft finalized.

Step 3 Partnership Deed Registration:-

Based on your requirements and the service level we support our client to register the Partnership Deed with the relevant authorities to make the Partnership a Registered Partnership Firm.

Step 4 Obtaining TAN & PAN:-

We will help you obtain PAN and TAN registration for your Partnership Firm from the relevant Authorities once the Partnership Firm is registered.